In the surgery we do not use amalgam only white filling material. In order to avoid swallowing, the old amalgam filling is removed by a powerful aspirator.

Composite fillings

It is commonly known as the porcelain filling. In fact , it is a plastic matrix containing porcelain and glass particles, which polimeryzes after being exposed to strong light. It has to be bulit up in layers and most often a basic filling is also needed.This substance can be used in the posterior molars.


Crowns are used when the tooth is damaged, not aesthetic or cannot be repaired by filling any more or when it needs to be holding an implant next to it.In order to place a crown the damaged and weak parts of the tooth and some parts of the enamel need to be removed. When needed the missing parts are built up and a root pin is inserted into the tooth. The crown that is prepared in the dental laboratory based on an impression is fixed on the tooth. The crown can be sole porcelain or porcelain burnt on the metal frame.

The frame of the porcelain crowns and bridges is made of Zirkon oxidel (YzrO2),while the frame of the metal-porcelain ones is made of titan. Both materials are completely biocompatible therefore they are used for implants as well. However, the zirkon makes the crown look whiter and more natural due to its white, transparent colour. Both frames are covered with porcelain, providing the tooth's occlusal plate, shape and colour.

Dental prosthetics usually take about a week, IN SPECIAL CASE MIN.2 DAYS. For this period, you will be provided with a temporary crown.