Dr. Pollacsek Zoltán

Dental specialist, implantologist

Qualifications: Semmelweis Medical University Budapest, 1996 Implantology
Practice: dentistry, surgeon-dentistry, paradontology, periodontology
Specialist examination: 2000
Personnel training:

  • Special courses in Hungary
  • abroad in field of implantology, tooth palate plastic and periodontology

Since 2000 working in private practice.

  • Complicated alimentaion
  • Implantology operations
  • Periodontological care, bone regeneration
  • Soft issue plastics
  • Estetical replacement

Dentistry practice:

  • Information to the patient about the treatment process
  • Tooth replacement from ceramic crowns, inlay, onlay, scale ceramic, veneer
  • Implantology treatment and operations by experienced specialist
  • Bone replacement from autotransplantation and/ or with osteoplasty
  • Prosthetic work from titanium frame, dental bridge, crown, prothesis
  • Laser treatments
  • Teeth whitening by plasmatic lights
  • Professional oral hygiene
  • Bridges and crowns are planned and made by computer locally with an unbelievable
  • accuracy fraise technology from titanium or zircon (CAD/CAM)
  • Dental technician sees work alive